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ABM in Stockport share why they choose Verso Circuit Protection

We recently sat down with Mark Ashworth (Commercial Director) of ABM Electrical and the IBA Buying Group, in Stockport. A very well established and respected wholesaler in the area, and asked him why he and his team choose Verso as their go to brand for Circuit Protection and Wiring Accessories.

When asked about what problems he was having with his previous suppliers that he wanted Verso to help him solve Mark told us:

My customers were asking for a well built consumer unit with type A RCD equipped with competitively priced RCBOs to compete with the competition. Another issue we had was the availability of standard size consumer units, RCBOs and incomers. Verso solved all these issues as my previous supplier could only provide type AC RCDs and through great customer service have always gave ABM the most up to date information on stock availability enabling ABM to always supply its customers.

So how did you narrow your search?

We started looking for a new supplier in September 2019. We quickly narrowed the search down as we wanted to support a IBA preferred supplier. At the time a deciding factor was that the supplier had to be willing to provide stockist support. When we take on a circuit protection stockist we commit to a large stock holding. We expect in return that we will have a level of protection in the local area in return. This is through the inability of local competitors not having access to the product and a price advantage. Within the IBA options Verso was the only range that could offer both

What made Verso Circuit protection stand out from other options

The quality on the build, type A RCDs, excellent packaging, local support and great customer support from the staff.

What was an obstacle that almost changed your mind?

As VCP was a new brand we needed to build up customer confidence in the product. Thankfully due to the quality, features and the support of the range this was never an obstacle.

What sold you on becoming a Verso Circuit Protection Stockist?

The support Verso provided for its stockists, the competitive price of the RCBO range and the quality/features of the products.

What have you enjoyed most about working with the Verso team?

Feeling part of the process of bringing a quality new range of product to market. Verso listened to customer feedback and responded immediately to any queries.

What has stocking Verso product helped ABM achieve?

Based of the our previous supplier spend on circuit protection we have tripled the sales in the first year. All our contractors have now migrated from dual RCD consumer units to RCBO boards as the quality and price make them a no brainer. The range has also given us the ability to go up against the competition and offer a better product at a saving to the customer, and increased profit for ABM.

Whilst working with Verso, what has exceeded your expectations?

The quality of the products and the customer support.

What is the primary reason you would recommend Verso Products?

Being an early adopter to a range that has great future in circuit protection is exciting. To have a range that is built to high standards, extremely competitive price wise and have exclusivity over your local competition give the wholesaler who takes it on a great advantage.

What would you tell anyone who is considering partnering with Verso as ABM have?

That they will benefit from excellent customer support. Protection locally from their competitors. Marketing support to promote the range. Great pricing on RCBOs enabling the switch from dual RCD boards to RCBO devices. Good stock availability.

Was there anything Verso could've done differently?

No, I’ve had a fantastic experience and its been a great decision to work with Verso as a company.

If you could describe the support and experience as a new stockist in one word, which would you choose?


What has been the biggest impact for ABM, since you've starting selling Verso Circuit protection?

We’ve seen 300% growth in circuit protection sales and a complete shift from dual RCD consumer unit sales to RCBO consumer units. We also seen a significant increase in sales of surge protected devices.

How was your experience working with Verso throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

Great communication throughout enabled ABM to never run out of core products that we need to supply to electrical contractors. Verso went above and beyond at any expense to themselves to provide product.

If you had to choose one, product feature or service feature from our Verso products, what would it be? And how has it made your life easier?

Maintaining such a competitive price and availability of RCBOs has enabled the switchover from MCB consumer units an easy one for our customer base.

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend Verso products to other wholesalers and contractors?

Not to sound cheesy, but it would have to be a 10. I just can't fault the company or the products what so ever.

At Verso, we are committed to the very level of support Mark has kindly highlighted, and our dedication to the quality of all of the products across our product ranges is evident to all those who have sold and fitted them.

We pride ourselves by the support and lengths we go, in order to help and grow the relationships with all of our Verso stockists.

If like Mark, you are looking for a new partner in Circuit Protection or Wiring Accessories, and think we could be the partner for you. Please contact us now on: 029 2130 3708 or , we would love to support you.


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