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Are DP Compact RCBOs Really Double Pole?

Welcome back everyone. With news of our NEW Compact Single Pole and Switched Neutral RCBO coming at the end of this month, we have a lot of questions as to why it isn't double pole and if it is suitable for EV Charger installs.

In this video, William breaks down the differences between Single Pole, Single Pole and Switched Neutral and Double Pole RCBOs. We also look at what the regulations say and which type of RCBOs can be fitted to an EV Charing circuit.

For more information on our Compact RCBOs get in touch or speak to your local Verso Stockist.


0:00 Intro & Welcome back

0:26 The Verso Compact RCBO raised the question

1:17 How does a single pole RCBO work?

2:03 How does a single pole and switched neutral RCBO work?

3:02 What is a double pole RCBO?

3:19 Comparing RCBOs

4:50 What does BS 7671 say?

5:11 RCBO Summary and Thank you

If you have any questions please get in touch and we'd love to help. Don't forget to follow us on our social media channels to get the latest information on new products, offers and more!


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