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Everything you need to know about Type 2 SPDs (Episode 1)

In Episode One in this series on Surge Protection devices our Managing Director William Winter discusses how SPD's work and what to look out for should you be fitting one alongside AC and DC systems.

We also deep dive into Hybrid solutions like the Type 2 SPD from @versoelectrical and more.


0:00 Intro & SPD Overview

1:23 SPD's and lightning strikes

2:07 What does an SPD do?

3:31 How does an SPD protect against Over Voltage

4:36 What does MOV and GDT mean ?

5:47 What is follow on current

7:06 What is let through voltage

7:29 What is the best SPD to fit?

8:32 Quick overview to how SPDs work

10:10 Outro

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