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Liverpool Street, Chester

A well established UK construction firm applied for consent to redevelop a Stagecoach bus depot site in Chester to provide accommodation for 323 students.

This proposal was approved by Cheshire West & Cheshire’s planning committee, seeing the demolition of the bus depot, replaced by 45 self contained apartments and 44 communal cluster flats.

Our relationship with this developer began in March 2019 and continues to thrive.

Verso wiring accessories have been specified and installed throughout with a key focus placed around our 3.1A USB sockets. This has allowed for more connections that the students will need, without increasing the amount of space for outlets. CAT6 was also chosen to ensure a high speed connectivity within the project.


3.1A USB sockets provide enough power to charge any mobile device or tablet.. Verso USB ports are purposely placed away from the centre of the plate to ensure that even when a transformer or large plug-top is situated within the outlet, no conflict will arise with the USB ports whilst being used.. Thereby doubling the total available outlets.


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