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Specification partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council

We are very proud to announce Verso® Electrical as the new specification partner with

Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC). As a Welsh based company, it gives us a great sense of pride to be supporting the CCC with our Wiring Accessories and Circuit Protection products moving forward.

CCC have always been known for their forward thinking, coupled with their attention to detail and mission to provide safer housing to their community which was evident from the outset of our initial conversations.

With our range of products having been designed around the latest recommendations of the electrical safety standards, as well as being equipped with industry recognised safety certificates, we were always confident that our offer was exactly the products CCC would be happy to align themselves with. This project has been worked on tirelessly by Steve Paskell (Verso® Specification Manager) and Joseph Haley (Verso® National Sales Manager), to ensure that it is delivered to the highest of standards.

Commitment to the Industry

As ECA Commercial Associates who support both community and industry, we see it as imperative that we continue to give back by supporting the installers growth and understanding, now more than ever, considering the rapid amount of new technologies being introduced into our market sector to facilitate a carbon zero future.

To support the CCC with the skills gap that the industry is facing, we have also committed to providing CPD approved courses to all of their team and subcontractors, so that together we can elevate electrical standards to new heights through improved product selection and installation requirements.


Download our press release here

Specification Partnership with CCC
Download PDF • 690KB

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