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Supporting Electricians of the future, with Focus Training

Rob Hemment (left), William Winter, Joseph Haley (right)
Together Everyone Achieves More

At Verso, we understand the importance of the next generation. Because of this we really wanted to partner with a number of different training partners within the electrical sector, whose mission it is to train these young men and women as apprentices, to become tomorrows electricians.

So it was with great pleasure that when Rob Hemment contacted us in regards to using our products with his students, we were able to support Focus Training.

Rob was quoted as saying:

“A massive thank you to William Winter and Joe Haley from Verso Electrical for donating their own distribution lines for use in our centres and coming in to discuss the future support of apprentices and learners.
It’s great to be able to give learners the experience of working with quality equipment and devices - such as SPD’s and AFDD’s in their practical training.”

Along with donating a variety of items, we have also committed to supplying Focus with a full range of Verso products including, Wiring Accessories and Circuit Protection, so that their students can learn their trade using quality materials.

If you would like to learn more about Focus Training, please visit their website :


If you are an apprentice and would like to know more about how we can support you, or a training provider who would like support similar to that of Focus Training, please contact us

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