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The Future is NOW. VERSO Type-C USB Sockets now Availabe

The world has been changing at an unprecedented pace for the past few years, especially in the world of mobile devices. Our lives have been restructured through the pandemic by the way in which we rely on remote working and living solutions. This transition began many years ago and saw the introduction of USB sockets within most building types, ranging from our homes, educational sites, offices, hospitality locations, airports and many more.

Today, these mobile devices are hungrier and require more power than ever before, coupled with our requirement for them to be at a functional charge that is quicker, in order to keep up with the pace of our daily lives. Because of this, the TYPE-C USB adaptor has been chosen to replace its more commonly recognised TYPE-A counterpart. Electrical specifications are no longer requesting a USB charger as they switch focus to products with the TYPE-C capability. With leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple having migrated to TYPE-C as well, the magnitude in product shift has developed exponentially.

What many thought was still some distance into the future, has catapulted into the forefront, simply put: the future is NOW.

At Verso, having predicted this shift in consumer behaviour, we have been working for over 12 months to develop an option that doesn't just satisfy this growing demand, but does so in a manner that supports the migration over to TYPE-C and is suitable for both new build installations and retro-fit applications. Our Verso V322C offers a perfect user and installer experience, combines both safety and versatility, in one easy to install product. All this whilst including some key features like anti-microbial properties and our Verso 20 Year product warranty, thanks to our design team right here in the UK.


To learn more about our products or TYPE-C USB outlets, please contact us on 029 2130 3708 or email us on and we would be happy to help. Make sure to follow us on Instagram using the handle @verso_electrical


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