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The NEW Verso dual stacked VCP28MX Product reveal

The much anticipated Verso 28Way Dual stacked consumer unit, complete with the type 2 hybrid Surge Protection device and linking kit.

William walks through each of the features on the consumer unit and showing you why Verso Consumers are far and away the best consumer unit and the contractors favourite consumer unit in the market today.


0:00 Intro & Product Launch

0:30 This lid structure

1:09 Captive screws

1:20 reinforced frame

1:40 Sighting points

1:49 Reinforced Terminal Bar

2:15 Din Rail improvements

3:39 Mainswitch & Linking kit

3:56 Do you need a second SPD on a dual stacked board

4:44 New knockout configuration

5:21 Sighting Point Triangle

5:56 Summary and where to get it from

6:30 Outro

Verso Website 👉


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