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The Wait is Almost OVER! VCP launch date set!

Thats right, after almost three years of research and development here in the UK, battling through the challenges of a global pandemic and countless struggles of getting products into the country, we can now confirm a launch date with 100% confidence.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this exciting process and to all of those who have placed pre-orders. We will begin to send out all of the pre-order request on the week commencing the 18th of January 2021!

We will also be selecting a lucky few #MyInstall members at random to be the first people to get there hands on a VCP8M for FREE! All you have to do too in with a chance of winning is sign up to the #MyInstall rewards program before the 9th of January. Click here to sign up NOW.

The new VCP Catalogue is already free and available to download from the website where you will be able to see first hand the range that is set to become the industry favourite consumer unit in 2021! Download the Catalogue here

If you have any questions about the new VCP Smart Design 1.0 or want to know if your local wholesaler was lucky enough to be apart of the first round of pre-orders get in touch via telephone or email us


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