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Circuit Protection is the latest addition to a growing family!

As many of you will have seen over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly through a very difficult time to bring the latest member of the Verso family to you!

And on the 18th of January 2021 we can officially announce that the first of our pre-order customers will have their orders on their way!

Verso Circuit Protection (VCP) has been in development for over 2 years and has been meticulously design to feature every requirement and even recommendation set out in the latest 18th Edition wiring regulations.

Bursting with features including, Type A RCCBs & RCBOs, extra height, lockable lids, larger knockout entry systems and a vast collection of installation support products free with every board. VCP has been design around every key feature requested and desired by electricians, from data gathered from hours of interviews, Q&A's at shows like EFIXX and ELEX as well as working closely with your local electrical wholesalers to really find out what you need from your consumer units. We believe that the range this range of VCP meets all of those requests and then some! Download the version 1 of the catalogue here to get a closer look.

VCP joins an already very successful and popular sweet of products including our anti-microbial white moulded wiring accessories that have a modular switch plate feature to ensure you have a versatile solution to every installation. It also includes amazing features like in-line terminals in the fused connection units (Spurs).

Along with a white moulded range of accessories Verso also has an accompanying Part m range for installation where the vision of the end user maybe impaired or greater contrast is required.

Verso IP66 Weather proof was launch late last year and coast a huge range of benefits such as lockable lids, high impact plastic and non-discolouration.

As our range continues to grow, we develop it with one core focus in mind. The Installer!

We strive to ensure that every feature that we pack into your everyday products, is done so to make the installation process easier and more convenient. Made and certified to the highest industry standards and provide value for you and the end client.


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