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Verso invest in the community and the future

Verso is a brand that is striving for long term success, to leave a legacy and provide the electrical industry with quality products that fill the electrician with pride when installing. Verso has partners not only throughout the UK but across the globe, testament to the scale of which the brand has developed since it's inception to the market.

Whilst Verso makes strides to work with the best partners to cement foundations for international success, it also recognises the importance of investing on a local level and providing opportunities for those who walk the land where Verso considers its home.

At our 25,000 sq ft home in the South West of Cardiff, there is a new member who has joined us on our journey. Tace, 20, from Rumney, has found himself on our brand new assembly line, and he is a fast learner. Tace is ensuring all your consumer units are fit with all the small features that make that installation just a little bit easier. Your grommet kits, pre wired SPD's and tail clamps make your Verso consumer unit installation ready, and Tace is the man you can thank for that. He has also been busy repackaging much of the products from the range of wiring accessories to align with the updated branding.

Before becoming part of the team, Tace had been in and out of various lines of work, but wanted an opportunity that would allow him to see progression, so was openly seeking alternative options. Verso had heard about Tace's situation through a reliable source and wanted to help. To create the opportunity Tace had been looking for, Verso created it's own in-house assembly line, which removed some of the unnecessary work being done by the factory and allowing Verso to invest in a young and ambitious individual living in the Cardiff area.

Being the only Welsh business who manufacturer the products that we offer, we always look to invest in the local community, and ways to work with Welsh businesses who have a similar mindset. By continuing to invest back into the development of Verso, we hope that Welsh contractors, builders and local authorities see the wider benefits of partnering with us and investing back into Wales.

In the short time Tace has been with Verso, he has had nothing but a positive contribution, he is ambitious and wants to seek more opportunities within the business. I think he is after all of our jobs!!


To learn more about Verso, our products and our commitment to the future and local community please get in touch on or call us on 02920 303 708


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