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Verso - We are what we do

We wanted a brand of wiring accessory and circuit protection products that was only good enough for electricians who wanted to be at the top of their game and proud of what they do! A brand that put what the installer needed first, so we decided to create one. Verso, products that don’t cut corners like the electricians that use it. Made to be versatile and ensure that every installation is one the industry can be proud of.

Constant state of R&D

Our constant commitment to reproach and development is visible in every part of every product range that we proudly brand with our recognisable “V” emblem. A badge that our #MyInstall community share with pride.

Most recently our long standing Verso Wiring Accessories have taken some huge advances, all with the mission of giving the best electricians the best products to work with.

Our trusty V322, Switched Twin Socket (double pole of course!) has been completely redesigned. Now boasting in line terminals that face the same direction with lead-ins for the wiring that have backed out screws that are also captive to prevent loss. Small in size yet mighty in the amount of time it saves for every socket you fit! We also put the same engineering into the V312, Switched Single Socket (Yes, of course its Double Pole as well) and all of our FCU products.

And there are a lot more items that are getting further upgrades and entirely new products soon to be added! R&D is is how we ensure that we continue to work towards of goal of why we launched Verso in the first place.

Why Wiring Accessories?

Why do we continue to develop and improve a product that most see as a commodity? Simple, because the best electricians want to use the best products, and wiring accessories are one of the staple items that form part of every installers day to day life. We work closely with installers just like you, through our wholesale partners and our #MyInstall community to continue to add and engineers aspects of an “everyday product” that will inspire real professionals to be proud of the work they do and the product they use, even if that is a simple Twin Switched Socket.


Want to know more about Verso Wiring Accessories - watch our video below :-)


If you would like to know more about Verso or an of our products and services, please contact us on or call our offices on 029 2130 3708


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