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Stay SAFE. VERSO Wiring Accessories help to kill 99% of bacteria

When it comes to furnishing a home, flats, an office or any other application, what kind of things come to the mind when thinking of a design? Maybe the furniture, carpet or tiles? What do you do with the bathroom? Very rarely is much thought given to the white wiring accessories, commonly referred to as the switches and sockets.

Ok, maybe deciding whether to have shiny or brushed chrome installed is a question that is given more attention, but never is a question mark raised over the white. The reason as to why is pretty glaringly obvious, all brands look very similar at a glance and as long as they meet legislation, the electrician or the specifier isn’t too picky either. It’s not a materialistic product that has anyone too excited, whether it be a homeowner, an interior designer, a housing developer or an electrician. But what if there was a feature that would stand up and get attention, a feature that offers a safety benefit rather than an aesthetic one? Enter Anti Microbial properties!

With thorough research and design along with some clever tooling, certain manufacturers have been able to incorporate these properties into the material of the product. Human interaction with a wall switch or socket can be as many as 50 times a day in a commercial property such as an office.

Hard surfaces such as these are incredibly vulnerable to holding viruses and diseases, which could be passed on to countless individuals. The material that holds these anti-microbial benefits, high-grade thermostat UREA, have been tested and proven to resist a number of different types of bacteria, such as E Coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Klebsiella Pneumonia, showing results for a 99.9% kill rate.

Verso is already present in healthcare dwellings such as hospitals and nursing homes, for obvious reasons. However, perhaps this kind of care aspect and thinking should be applied to other commercial dwellings and even domestically.

The events of 2020 provide perfect reasoning as to why this should be thinking across all types of installation, especially with the product readily available on the market and at excellent prices.

It would be a great time for the likes of housing associations and developers to view it from this angle.

If you would like to know more about how Urea helps protect you and your loved ones or more about the VERSO modular wiring accessories, which can be purchased through all good electrical wholesalers please contact us.

Thanks for your time and remember to stay safe

Joe Haley - Head of Contractor Engagement

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T | 029 2130 3710


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