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Introducing the Navitas 100A Mainswitch Consumer Units, a reliable and efficient solution for circuit protection. These Navitas Mainswitch boards come complete with a 100A Double Pole Incomer, providing the power and security you need for your electrical system.


Available with a factory-fitted type 2 Hybrid SPD kit (NS2K), these units offer superior surge protection for added peace of mind. With a unique design featuring an additional 20mm in height over traditional units, and extra depth to allow for easy access behind the din rail, these units are designed with user convenience in mind.


The reinforced frame ensures that the lid goes on with ease, making installation quick and hassle-free. Upgrade your circuit protection with the Verso 100A Mainswitch Consumer Units today.

Navitas 100A Mainswitch Consumer Units C/W T2 SPD

    • 265MM Heigh (4- 20MX)
    • Dual Stack can be dual tarriff
    • 2-26 usable ways
    • 32A MCB and conductors inlcuded
    • IP4X
    • 100A rated Double Pole Incomer
    • 10 year Warranty
    • BS EN 61439 1&3
    • BS EN 61643-11
    • BS EN 600947-3
    • RAL 9010 Matt finish 
    • Lockable lid
    • Steel 
  • Formerly Branded: Verso 

    Former Part numbers: VCP*MX

    For full type testing information contact us 

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