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Introducing the Navitas Arc Fault Detection (AFDD) - the ultimate solution for protecting residential and commercial electrical circuits. Each Verso AFDD is tested individually to ensure maximum reliability and performance.


With its fault indicator window and test button, the Navitas AFDD makes it easy to identify and troubleshoot any electrical faults. Available in a range of amp options from 6 to 40 in B curve, this device is suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Compliant with BS 7671 regulations, the Navitas AFDD is required in high-risk residential properties such as HMOs, student accommodation, and nursing homes. Additionally, the Navitas AFDD is combined with single pole and switched neutral RCBO technology for enhanced circuit protection.

Navitas Arc Fault Detection

    • 115mm Height
    • 17mm Width
    • 67mm Depth
    • 6kA Rating
    • 10mm2 Terminal Capacity (out)
    • 1.2Nm Torque setting (out)
    • 2.0Nm Torque setting (in)
    • B & C Curve 
    • IP 2X
    • Type A
    • BS EN 61009-1
    • BS EN 62606
  • Formerly Branded: Verso

    Former Part number: V1**A

    For full type testing information contact us 

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