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Introducing the Navitas Dual RCCB Consumer Unit, the perfect solution for comprehensive circuit protection in residential and commercial settings.


This consumer unit comes equipped with 100A 30mA Type A Double Pole RCCBs, ensuring superior protection against electrical faults and shocks.


With a 100A Double Pole Incomer and part populated with MCBs, the Navitas Dual RCCB Consumer Unit offers a reliable and efficient solution for circuit protection needs. Additionally, this unit features a Type 2 Hybrid SPD for added surge protection, and its additional height and reinforced frame provide robustness and durability.


Plus, the lockable feature ensures security and peace of mind for users. Upgrade your circuit protection system with the Navitas Dual RCCB Consumer Unit.

Navitas Dual RCCB Consumer Unit

    • 265MM Heigh 
    • 8-14 usable ways
    • 32A MCB and conductors inlcuded
    • IP4X
    • 100A rated Double Pole Incomer
    • 100A 30mA Type A RCCB
    • 10 year Warranty
    • BS EN 61439 1&3
    • BS EN 61643-11
    • BS EN 600947-3
    • RAL 9010 Matt finish 
    • Lockable lid
    • Steel 
    • 10HIX - 2x 6A 1x16A 3x32A MCB
    • 12HIX - 2x 6A 1x16A 3x32A 1x 40A MCB
    • 16HIX - 3x6A 1x16A 5x32A 1x40A MCB
  • Formerly Branded: Verso 

    Former part numbers: VCP**HIX

    For full type testing information contact us

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