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Introducing the Navitas Single Pole tall RCBO, the ultimate circuit protection solution for residential and commercial applications. Available in a range of amperages from 6 to 50 amps, this RCBO is individually tested to the highest industry standards to ensure reliable and consistent performance.


With a 30mA rating and available in B and C curves, this RCBO is designed to provide optimal protection against electrical faults. Equipped with a convenient test button, the Verso Single Pole tall RCBO makes it easy to ensure that your circuit protection is functioning properly.


Its patented design and 240V compatibility make it a versatile and dependable choice for any project. Plus, with no earth fly leads, installation is a breeze. Choose the Navitas Single Pole tall RCBO for unbeatable safety and peace of mind.



Navitas Single Pole tall RCBO

    • 112mm Height
    • 17mm Width
    • 67mm Depth
    • 6kA Rating
    • 10mm2 Terminal Capacity (out)
    • 1.2Nm Torque setting (out)
    • 2.0Nm Torque setting (in)
    • B & C Curve 
    • IP 2X
    • Type A
    • BS EN 61009-1
  • Formerly Branded: Verso

    Former part numbers: VCP1**BR-T & VCP1**CR-T

    Contact us for full type testing information 

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