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The NAVITAS Type B Helios Unit provides comprehensive circuit protection for your solar power system. This unit features Type B 100A 100mA RCCB protection to ensure safe and reliable operation. The Helios is also available with a Type A 100A 100mA Version if you DC leakaging is pulsating rather than smooth.


The Type 2 Hybrid SPD offers protection against electrical surges, while the 63A Triple pole DIN Rail mounted rotary isolator allows for easy and safe isolation of the system when needed.


Additionally, the included Din rail energy meter allows for easy monitoring of energy usage, and the bidirectional mcb's ensure efficient and reliable power distribution.


Whether for residential or commercial use, the Navitas Type B Helios Unit is the perfect choice for your battery storage and PV installation needs.

Navitas Type B Helios Unit

  • Formerly branded: Verso

    Former Part number: VCP1001BX

    Contact us for full type testing information

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