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Verso is based in the heart of South Wales and from our head offices in the Wales, have designed every item of the brand. With distributors of Verso branded products across the Great Britain and Ireland, we have successfully introduced many electrical professionals to a group of products that provide an outstanding innovative approach to the industry. Learn more about the Brand's different aspects below.

Our Leadership Team


At Verso Electrical, we are determined to provide the best circuit protection solutions to our customers. William Winter and the rest of our experienced team have invested vast amounts of time and money to research new technologies and improve our products continually. Meet the team and discover the passion behind our groundbreaking innovations.

Our Innovation


At Verso a core component to our mission within the industry is to exceed expectations through innovation. Whilst the industry is driven by legislation and habit, we believe that with a constant focus built around best practices and leading change in legislation rather than being driven by it. A key relationship that Verso is very proud of is being recognised as a Commercial Associate to the ECA. By being part of the education process of new and improved products and practices we can have a much larger and more positive impact on the industry as a whole, that exceeds a simple product transaction. 

All of our Verso products will feature design aspects that have been specifically engineered to improve the installation process for the contractor and for the safety of the end user. Intricacies such as in-line terminals, anti-microbial properties, Type A RCBOs and RCCBs are all features we include as a standard. Even excluding a single pole offer from our switched sockets and only developing the double pole alternative as it is best practice. 

Our Values


The highest standards apply at every level of our organisation, with no exceptions.

At Verso, people are at the heart of everything we do and everything we make. That means considering not only those who will use a product, but also those who help create it. So we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to protect the people in our supply chain, and the planet we all call home.


Our factory partners are held to a code of conduct that has been designed to uphold that commitment. From the sourcing of materials to the recycling of our products, we work with suppliers to ensure that our requirements are being met. We have recently engaged into a new relationship with Recolight to enhance our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. 


Our Goals

Our Goal at Verso is simple, to deliver excellence in product, service and expertise that enhance and improve the electrical industry's safety and installation. Whilst installing a huge sense of pride in the electricians who choose to use our products knowing they are installing items that have been created to enhance both their experience and the lives of the end users interacting with them.

At Verso, our goal is legacy. We aim to achieve nothing short of market exceeding standards in every process we undertake. We understand this is an ever evolving process and whilst that means it can never be completed we will never stop dedicating ourselves to being the best in class in every product, market sector and customer experience we are involved in. Verso has been created for the professional electricians who strive to provide the best for their clients and we are here to support them with the product to achieve this.

Our Distributors


We understand a huge part of reaching our goals within the electrical industry is partnering with like minded and forward thinking distributors. 

Each of our distributing partners which we work with have been selected as they can be trusted to support the kind of service standards we hold ourselves to and we are proud of the national and international partnerships we now have. 

If you would like to know who your closest distributor is give us a call on 01656 488 004 or email

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